Happy Birthday, John

Now this, this is a birthday I can totally get behind. Mister John Fogerty has given the world so much good music, primarily while running things with Creedence. He's so good at the craft of songwriting that it's scary.

Those CCR songs of his are so darned great that I can even forgive him for those couple of baseball-related songs he inflicted on us all in the 80s (I can't even bear to name them).

Faux pas aside, (and really, it's not like he was alone in 80s faux pas-ing, the entirety of the 80s was one big faux pas for people like Rod Stewart) Fogerty is an absolute legend. When I was a young girl, I thought he was as Southern as they come, realizing later that this bayou boy was really from California. He even did well in covers, both the covering of good songs and being covered himself. After all, just think of how spectacular the CCR cover of "I Put A Spell On You" is, not to mention the Ike & Tina cover of "Proud Mary". Fogerty knew what was up, friends.

So put on your copy of The Big Lebowski, pour yourself a cold one, and remember the unrivaled radness of Fogerty in the glory days. Because for a while there, it sure was glorious.

mp3: Penthouse Pauper (Creedence Clearwater Revival from Bayou Country)


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