Happy Birthday, Bob

Hard to believe it's time once again to wish a Happy Birthday (69, if you're keeping track) to a legendary fellow Gemini, Bob Dylan. Geminis do it better, it's official. I started celebrating last month, when the two-disc biographical flick "No Direction Home" found its way off my Netflix queue and into my mailbox. I verily enjoyed the insights into Dylan's childhood and early years, and found myself able to relate to his thoughts on college ("I didn't go to classes. I just didn't feel like it."). Though, I suspect he missed a whole lot more class than yours truly. And he's probably just a wee bit more gifted. But I digress.

Dylan will, most likely, be looked to for inspiration and revered for years and years and years to come, and rightly so. While initially a Woody Guthrie fanboy, he turned into one of the best lyricists musicdom has ever seen, and is likely to see. He blew typical songs to smithereens, and I think you'll agree that his style was a welcome change. So here's my probable favorite Dylan song, as a little gift from me to you, in honor of the birthday boy.

mp3: Isis (Bob Dylan from Desire)


  1. ahhh and I thought he was Seventy! but yes what a musician.. not only one of the greatest poets of rock music but a great creator of melody. sure do dig him.


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