100 Shows of 2010 - #22: Sea Wolf @ Rock’n’Roll Hotel, 5/4/10

Sea Wolf’s set started late, which was rather handy considering my bedeviling time trying to find a place to park. I’m very, very, very glad parking problems didn’t cause me to miss any of the set, because it was a thing of absolute beauty.

MINI RECAP: Sea Wolf = Beamingly Beatific! Overall score: B+.

As more and more people filtered into the R’n’R, Sea Wolf’s set began. Initially, it was just Alex Brown Church and his guitar, strumming and singing his way into my heart. With a line like, “The only way that you will ever have me/is if you throw my body into the sea,” I was destined to love Sea Wolf madly. “We’re missing a guitar player,” Church announced, as the rest of the band ambled to their posts on the stage. Finally, said guitar player emerged from the throng and the full band began to play.

“The Trigger” was the second song of the set, a bouncy, lively song full of spring and sunshine. I was continually enthralled by the band’s overall sound, a foxy, come-hither sound of delicacy with blood racing quickly beneath its surface. It’s smoky and earthy and carefully, tenderly crafted. As their set went on, I found it easier and easier to fall head over heels. And hey ladies, the boys are all rather handsome. I’m just sayin’. Apart from a little feisty mic feedback here and there, the band sounded nigh on perfect. Something slightly mystical hangs over the band, infusing their sound with all sorts of blissful nuances and intricacies.

The phenomenal “Wicked Blood” sounded particularly gorgeous, toe-tappingly marvelous and flat-out fantastic. Church’s voice is just arresting, so warm and robust and strong. He’s probably got one of the best voices around, methinks. Sea Wolf pretty much killed me with their 11 bewitching songs, and if I hadn’t been so dang broke I would have bought each and every piece of merch they had for sale. They were seriously sensational, and I do so hope you’ll take the time to go see ‘em live. You absolutely will be glad you did.

mp3: Wicked Blood (Sea Wolf from White Water, White Bloom)


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