100 Shows of 2010 - #21: Family Of The Year @ DC9, 4/29/10

So what if the show was over an hour behind schedule (even bands get stuck in traffic)? So what if there were veritable swarms of Gold Motel fangirls? What I saw at DC9 on a gorgeous Thursday night made me one heck of a happy, happy girl. And that, my friends, is thanks to the group of fabulous people known to the music world as Family Of The Year.

MINI RECAP: Family Of The Year = Sunsational! Overall Score: B+.

I know this is a subject raised many a time before, but how come so many California bands sound like, well, California? I like to think it's something in the air out there, that gorgeous, rarified (smog be damned) air that passes through magical places like Laurel Canyon and inspires and seeps into band after glorious band. Such is definitely the case with Family Of The Year, hailing as they do from Silverlake.

I could literally use every single sun-related word to describe their live awesomeness. But I won't do that to you. I'll say other things about their 9-song set. During their (too brief, if you ask me) time on the DC9 stage, the band held sway somewhere between gentle acousticism and frolicsome, toe-tappingly delightful jangle. Their boy-girl harmonies and sunbleached (sorry!) instrumentation were just too cute. I closed my eyes and saw beachscapes. Their music is just perfect for this time of year (or, well, anytime really), and absolutely beckons you to listen to it. It's perfectly pastoral, and not even the overly talkative crowd could mar my FOTY experience.

I'm hoping their path crosses this way again soon, and in the meantime, loves, make sure you get yourself out there to check 'em out. The current tour with Gold Motel runs for about another week.

mp3: Chugjug (Family Of The Year from the Through The Trees EP)


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