100 Shows of 2010 - #19: Yukon Blonde @ DC9, 4/27/10

The week before this particular show was for all intents and purposes pretty spectacularly craptacular. My car had been violated by some friendly neighborhood thuglets, meaning big bucks on repairs, and I was feeling pretty darned bummed. But leave it to a bunch of Canadians to drag me out of the dumps, and turn my frown way, way, way upside down.

MINI RECAP: Yukon Blonde = Purrfect. Overall Score: A.

Friends, Yukon Blonde was exactly what I needed. They were just the prescription I needed to make me snap out of my mean reds. Right away I felt my spirits lift, as soon as they started to play. And by the time they had finished the first song, I was well and truly in love. Their sound is so very rich, sparkling and vibrant. In a way, their sound is a little reminiscent of Fleet Foxes, just a more chipper, upbeat variety. It felt like, for a fleeting while, being part of the golden age, basking in the sun somewhere out west.

The crowd, well, was rather small. But bless their hearts, the Yukon Blonde-ians played like they were surrounded by thousands of adoring fans. And quite frankly, they should have been. They were sensational, and it makes me as pleased as the cat that got the cream to be able to lord it over everyone who wasn't at this show. This is a band that seems to be disarmingly humble, and that in itself is oh so appealing. And then when you throw in how great they are, well...

They just all sorts of blew me away, and could very well have manouvered their way into the title of Megan's Favorite Canadians. The back-to-back "Blood Cops" and "Wind Blows" were probably my faves, the jaunty bounce of "Blood Cops" tempered by the starkly beautiful vocals of "Wind Blows." There's something so very pastoral about them, golden and calm. And on this night, they sounded nigh on perfect. My only complaint (well, apart from the rather sparse crowd, your loss if you weren't there) was that their set was only 6 songs. I suppose, however, that 6 such magnificent songs are better than a longer set by most other bands. I'm already eagerly awaiting their return to the area in June, and I suggest you look into seeing Yukon Blonde live yourself. It'll be well worth your while.

mp3: Blood Cops (Yukon Blonde from Yukon Blonde)


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