100 Shows of 2010 - #18: Suns of Guns @ Black Cat, 4/16/10

I’ve always been bad about keeping tabs on local bands. I know, I know. Given the bands that have come out of this here city, it’s pretty ridiculous that I’m not better about paying attention to the bands of the Greater Washington Metro Area. But those bands that I do manage to latch onto, well, they’re pretty darn good. Take Suns of Guns, for example. If you haven’t heard of them yet, just you wait, my pretties. Just you wait. They’re the Real Deal Holified and then some.

MINI RECAP: Suns of Guns = Gobsmacking! Overall score: A.

The first time I saw Suns of Guns live they were opening for The Black Hollies at Iota last year and they totally shook me up just like one of those tacky little souvenir snowglobes. They had me at hello, you might say, and suffice it to say my expectations for my second Suns of Guns experience were pretty gigantic. And o, friends, this is a band that does not, I repeat does not, disappoint.

These boys have them some soul. Not fake plastic soul, but deep, down, dirty soul. And this soul is part of what makes them so vexingly good. You’ve got vocals this side of Eric Burdon (minus some weathering), dirty little basslines, an absolute animal behind the drumkit, and some pretty fierce guitar. Suns of Guns spit out some of the finest nouveau garage that would definitely make the Old Masters proud. Their music is soaked in beer, soaked in sweat, soaked in soul. It’s a little bit Detroit Rock City, a little bit British Invasion (the non-Beatle lineage), and a little bit 80s Brit (think The Undertones). All of this blends together for a sound that is so appealingly filthy, and it’s absolutely irresistible. The foursome can easily shift from controlled, slightly sinister sounds to absolute raw rock’n’roll, and they do it all effortlessly.

Bottom line is this. Suns of Guns are one of my two favorite local bands, and they pretty much own the stage. So you heard it here first. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for them, because they’re the dog’s bollocks.


  1. Some day you should do a DC music retrospective...let us know what homegrown groups LET has been digging the last decade or so.


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