100 Shows of 2010 - #17: Backyard Tire Fire @ Black Cat, 4/17/10

I first became familiar with the gents of Backyard Tire Fire with their album Vagabonds and Hooligans, a collection of gorgeous, earthy songs mixing up the blues and the folk and the rock. While hailing from the metropolis of Chicago, their somewhat rustic approach appealed to me greatly. And so, years later, I jumped at the chance to see them (finally) in the flesh. Happily, I wasn't disappointed. These boys know how to put on a show, my friends.

MINI RECAP: Backyard Tire Fire = Consummate Showmen! Overall Score: B+.

The night before Backyard Tire Fire, I was down in Richmond getting my metal on. Let it not be said that we don't spread the love here at LET. My ears having slightly recovered, it was time for them to take another beating, for while BTF doesn't possess the sheer manic volume and scope of a metal show, they can still shake, rattle, and roll with the best of 'em.

I was immediately impressed by their polish, and their stage presence. They were amiable, affable, and full of personality. As a unit they command attention, and the smallish crowd obliged. Backyard Tire Fire is definitely one of those bands that has the live chops to back up what they do on record. Be it new songs ("One Wrong Turn"), older songs ("Downtime"), or cover songs (an excellent version of "Cinnamon Girl" back-to-back with Fleetwood Mac), BTF churned 'em out in a solid, meaty fashion. They frequently felt the need to get down a little, and I appreciate when bands get so into what they're playing. And friends, they're not fussy. The general consensus, if you wanna buy 'em booze, is that "whatever it is" they'll drink it.

All in all, I was really pleased with my first Backyard Tire Fire experience. They've got it down pat, they really do. Their music really goes down smooth, and you might just wanna get out there and check 'em out.

mp3: A Thousand Gigs Ago (Backyard Tire Fire from Good To Be)


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