100 Shows of 2010: A Gig Odyssey

As you already know, dearest loves of our lives, Chris and I recently celebrated our second year on the world wide webs. I figured that warranted something special, so a-racking my brain I went.

What I came up with was something so obvious, it amazed me I hadn't thought of it before. And yet, it fits in with the year 2010 rather well. Inspired in part by my dear former editor Eric (check him out over at BigYawn), this feature is brilliant in its simplicity, wonderful in its grand scope.

My mission this year is oh-so simple: go to 100 shows and document them all in living, probably abstract color. Now, going to 100 shows in a year for some folks is no big deal. I'm sure some of you go to even more shows per annum than that. But for me, despite my serious junkie love for live music, don't ever seem to make it to that many. And so, friends, I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna go to 100 shows over the course of the remaining months of the year, and you'll get to hear all the gorey details. It'll be interesting, that's for sure.

The mission is already underway, so look out over the next few days for the first installments of the 100 Shows of 2010.


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