Spectacularly Off-Topic: Roll Tide

As you may or may not know, yours truly is an extremely proud Alabama alum. I'm also seriously obsessed with college football, which is practically a graduation requirement at UA. Naturally, I'm totally thrilled with Alabama's win last night in the BCS National Championship game. Sure, Colt McCoy got hurt, but I guess that's what happens when you play an actual tough defense. After all, 'Bama QB Greg McElroy and Heisman winner Mark Ingram (see them both in the photo here) both played hurt, so there are no excuses. Descending from my soapbox, I say Alabama was the best team all season, and was totally deserving of the title, and even if McCoy hadn't been knocked out of the game, the end result probably would have been the same. So there whiny Longhorn fans and absurd sportscasters.

And so, in honor of my dear crimson-clad football team, I'd like to post a little celebratory Skynyrd.

For those not in the know, at every 'Bama home football game you'll hear "Sweet Home Alabama." It just goes without saying. So here you go, friends. Also included is a video of the fantastic song "Rammer Jammer," the song we 'Bama fans will sing at the top of our lungs after a victory. It's enough to bring a tear to my eye. Roll Damn Tide!

mp3: Sweet Home Alabama (Lynyrd Skynyrd from the album Second Helping)


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