Happy Birthday, Michael

Sometimes it feels like only yesterday that I was an impressionable youth, tearfully watching Brenda and Dylan breakup to the sounds of "Losing My Religion" on the original version of "Beverly Hills, 90210". So too does it feel like only yesterday that R.E.M. was breaking into mainstream music, and subsequent hugeness, so many moons ago. There was a time they seemed to rule the world, and while those days have passed their shadow still looms very, very large over much of music since.

Today we celebrate the birth of one of Athens' finest, Mr. Michael Stipe. His, and R.E.M.'s, longevity is an achievement indeed. Long hath their sound permeated our lives, and long may they continue to do so.

"E-bow the Letter" is still probably my favorite of their canon, but I enjoy this little ditty almost as much.

Here's to you, Mr. Stipe. Many happy returns!

mp3: Radio Free Europe (R.E.M. from the album Murmur)


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