Best of 2009: Where Art Thou?

By now, dear friends, you might have noticed that something is missing from our little site. Well, you're right. Last year we huffed and puffed and got our Best of 2008 posts done in December. This seemed well and good at the time, but then we had a wee think about it over this past year and decided that we were going to be rebels, if you will.

To recap the winners and losers of the year 2009, we would not start until January of 2010, so as to let all of 2009 shake out (and give us more time to listen to the year's offerings and work on other amusing and fabulous year-end categories). We wanted to give the year a chance to get its last gasps in, and so rest assured we are getting down to the nitty-gritty as you read this very post.

So don't fret. Our lists are coming, we promise.


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