Myspace or Yours #1: The Sumner Brothers

While a good many of us have moved on from Myspace for our social networking needs, I still pay attention to the bands that frequent that site. You never know where and when your new favorite band will come from, and I've found enough quality bands via Myspace that I felt the site warranted closer examination. I've been toying with the idea of doing a Myspace-based feature for quite some time now, but wanted to wait until I had the right band to kick things off with. And then, one day, my wish was granted when a friend request from the British Columbia-based Sumner Brothers popped up in my inbox.

The Sumner Brothers, Brian and Bob, along with their friends Michael and Mike, sound like remnants of a time long since turned to dust, a sepia-hued time when music was simple and soulful and made by friends gathered in whatever space they could find, and not touched by computer enhancements and fancy effect pedals and studio magic. Not only that, but the foursome sounds like they should be sitting on the front porch of an ancient, rickety wooden farmouse nestled in the spectacular, magical valleys of the Shenandoah Mountains in Virginia. If you've never been there, well, it's the perfect place for a band like the Sumner Brothers. There's a hint of fall to their songs, traces of burning fires in the hearth, and a stark, austere beauty the likes of which you won't hear very often. The Sumner Brothers are as precious and rare as can be, so dang good you almost can't believe it.

The band is working their way through a small West Coast tour, so all you Washington Staters and British Columbians, get yourselves to these shows. More details on the band's Myspace page, naturally.

mp3: Pain (Buy: The Sumner Brothers)


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