There's Still Time for Winning

Hello friends.

Worried you may have missed the deadline for our celebratory 10,000th hit contest? Fretting about missing out on free music par excellence? Fear not. Our contest is open until the waning hours of the 31st day of this very fine month of May. That gives you plenty of time to concoct the perfect reason (or reasons, as the case may be) why you love us ever so much. If you tell us why, and we both decide your reasoning is flawless, you'll be the happy owner of not one but TWO Monks CDs. And two, most definitely, are better than one (well, with most things, like Monks CDs).

So get cracking. We've already received some stellar entries, but we feel that there are others of you out there who should be entering this contest. Sadly, it's only valid for you US residents, but we still love you non-US folks just as much.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day weekend! We believe that in the case of weekends, three days are better than two.


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