LP Lust: Graduation Edition

It's graduation time here in Richmond, and though it's been several years since I myself donned the cap and gown, I thought such an occasion would be the perfect time to pillage Plan 9's used vinyl for the first time in...probably not all that long (it's been a couple weeks, surely that shows some modicum of restraint, no?).

The store is but a brief 20-minute stroll from my place, so after a pleasant saunter in the humid morning to and fro Carytown, here's the goods that I was able to snag out from under my fellow Richmonders:

*Bobbie Gentry: Touch 'Em With Love

*Split Enz: Waiata

*The Charlie Daniels Band: Fire On the Mountain

*Nancy Sinatra: Country, My Way

*Bruce Springsteen: The Wild, The Innocent, & the E Street Shuffle

*Johnny Cash: Big River

*Emmylou Harris: Blue Kentucky Girl

*Split Enz: True Colours

*Staples Singers: Be What You Are

*Byrds: Byrds


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