Happy Birthday, Joe

This birthday boy has nothing whatsoever to do with music, unless there's some musical ode to his prowess on the football field that I've yet to hear. But as a graduate of the University of Alabama, I didn't think I should let this day go by without wishing a very, very Happy Birthday to the one, the only, #12: Joe Willie Namath.

Football fans, you'll probably remember him as "Broadway Joe", famous during his years as a New York Jet for his hair, his fur coats, and his affinity for the bottle. There was even a commercial for pantyhose, I do believe. But before making life interesting in New York, Joe was throwing his way to glory under the coaching of Bear Bryant down in Tuscaloosa. He's definitely one of the greats, and highly revered down among the annals of Alabama college football. And I don't think anyone can deny that back in the day he was a stone cold fox. In honor of his birthday, why not pick up a copy of his super sassy autobiography, "I Can't Wait Until Tomorrow...'Cause I Get Better Looking Every Day"?


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