Zut Alors!: 2009 NIN|JA Tour

Before I get into anything else, I'd like to say for the record that the upcoming Nine Inch Nails/Jane's Addiction tour has possibly the coolest name of all times. I mean, seriously, they're calling it NINJA 2009. Seeing as the third act on the bill is Street Sweeper, I'd probably have called it NINJAS, but who am I to question the marketing gods?

To whet everyone's appetite for the impending festivities, the boys decided to give the fans a little sampler goodness. All you need to do is sign-up at the NINJA site, but we've got a couple of treats here for you if you're just too damn lazy to go that extra step yourself. You'd be a fool not to check it out if you're fans of any of the bands, however, as there are tons of things to watch and listen to there.

I'm not sure if I'm happier with the fact that Reznor produced some previously non-studio faves from JA or that Trent's stuff simply is as good as it is, but it's a dilema I don't mind having.

Regretfully for area readers, the NINJA tour is coming to the Nissan Pavillion, inarguably the worst venue in the southeastern US, if not on the entire East Coast. I'd say in the world, but that clearly would be hyperbole, even if it is true. Remember what happened the last time we had a major act at NP? Seriously, I've never been to one show there where it took LESS than two hours to get out of that parking lot. One road to and from the final stretch of road in and out of the place?

I'm not sure who to blame for booking the place, as it clearly does enough business to justify its own existense. However, it's a slap in the face to fans who want nothing more than to have a good time at an easily accessible venue.

Sadly, I will not be attending the sure-to-be fiasco waiting to happen that is the Nissan Pavillion. If any of our loyal readers attend, however, pick me up an XL NINJA tee shirt, would you, please? I just can't get enough of that namey goodness.

mp3: Chip Away by Jane's Addiction

mp3: Not So Pretty Now by Nine Inch Nails

mp3: Clap for the Killers by Street Sweeper


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