We're Throwing a Rock'n'Roll Show!

Yes indeedy, my darlings, the rumors are true! Your favorite DC/Richmond music blog is in fact throwing our first show, together with our dear friend Brett at Fifth Man Promotions. For all of you Richmonders (or surrounding area-ers), come on down to the Camel this Wednesday, February 11, for a simply delightful double bill. Our fearless duo is the Delicious (of Bloomington, IN), and Birdlips (of Charlottesville, VA).

The Delicious, stopping in Richmond whilst in the midst of a national tour, are of the jingle-jangly, pop-tinged rock genus, full of mirth and merriment (and one of my favorite characteristics, a hearty dose of cheekiness). I'm hoping "Accelerated Dickery" will be included on the setlist.

Birdlips, meanwhile, are a duo of the earthier, more pastoral variety. At times reminiscent of the Essex Green and the Rosebuds, Lindsay and Cliff make many beautiful noises together.

We're pretty convinced you'll love both of them. So come on out this Wednesday. A crisp (or somewhat wrinkled) Abe Lincoln gets you and yours in, where you can enjoy some high quality music (and make use of the Camel's bar and yummy menu).

mp3: The Delicious - Suspended in Air

mp3: Birdlips - Some Kind of Death

[Flyer by Laura O'Neill]


  1. Congrats on getting out there beyond blogsville...best of luck with the show!


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