Pencil it In: The Search for the Next Great Metal Band

Lacking a little metal in your life, friends? Missing the sweet sound of painful, screaming guitars and shouty vocals? Me too. That's why I'll be attending the metallically delicious Search for the Next Great Metal Band, taking place Friday, February 20th, at Plan 9 Records in lovely Carytown, Richmond.

At stake is the chance to represent Richmond in Metal Blade Record's nationwide contest to find the Next Big Thing, metal-speaking. Of course, local bragging rights are also up for grabs. And while I'm not normally into the ole metal, I'll be there for damn sure. The three finalists are Inter Arma, Battlemaster, and the Jefferson Plane Crash (who gets my vote for best nomenclature).

Come out and see the panel of celebrity judges (members of Municipal Waste, Darkest Hour, and Alabama Thunderpussy/Parasitic) as they dole judgments onto this trio of superior Richmond metallurgy (thanks for allowing me these metal-themed liberties, y'all).


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