Album Review: Black Kids – Partie Traumatic

I’m starting off 2009 by paying more attention to things I should have listened to more in 2008. And believe you me, there's a lot of it. Exhibit A: Black Kids.

Partie Traumatic is a party for sure, though happily there’s no trauma in sight. The members of Black Kids have engaged a simple, effective game plan that they execute to perfection over the course of the ten songs on this their debut LP. Cute, occasionally silly lyrics, two saucy keyboard playing/backing vocal singing vixens, and heavy doses of homage to the 80s are the means to the end for the Kids, and pretty much every song will make you feel like you really ought to be cutting some serious rug.

This is the perfect album for a little bit of over the top escapism. New year got you feeling blue? Winter giving you the mean reds? Throw on
Partie Traumatic and feel your cares melt away in a haze of dance floor jams and ridiculously catchy songs. Be amused by the lyrical content of songs like “Listen To Your Body Tonight”, which features the devilishly impish call-and-response with lines like “Hello?/Hello this is your body/What do you want My Body/I wanna feel somebody on me”, as well as the undeniable track “I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You”, which is even more fabulous than the title alone suggests.

Sure, Black Kids might not be realigning the musical universe. But sometimes, a good time is what it’s all about. And if there’s one thing these Floridians know how to do, it’s have a good time.


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