Megan's Top 18 of 2008 - #11 - Spiritualized

There are so few things one can actually count on in life. There's the inevitable, unpleasant things (y'know, death and taxes), and then, friends, there is Jason Pierce.

Ever since the days of the Spacemen 3, Pierce has been making his stratospheric space rock beautifully. He's a master at etherealism, adept at creating sonic symphonies more suited to another time and place. While he may tinker with the formula every now and again, the song, in general, remains the same.

Latest effort Songs in A&E is yet another brilliant Spiritualized album. It's got that added appeal of being Pierce's first record since nearly dying not long ago, and the after-effects of that close shave lend new levels of fragility to the songs. J. Spaceman again focuses on some of his favorite subjects (fire, souls, souls being on fire), with much success. The album also features two of my favorite lyrics of, quite possibly, ever; "I've got a hurricane inside my veins", and "freedom is just another word/when you've no one left to hurt" (both from "Soul on Fire").

The orchestration is soaring, glorious, and the vocals are some of Pierce's best ever, in my humble opinion. Songs in A&E is a must, must, must listen.


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