December 12: Dead Confederate Day

It’s 12/12, friends, and that can mean only one thing. Yes indeed, it’s Dead Confederate Day. Rejoice! That's right, today belongs to everyone’s favorite band (mine, anyway) to come out of Athens, GA, since that band with three letters…

You’ll soon be seeing Dead Confederate in my Top 18 of 2008 list, and if you haven’t yet heard their debut LP Wrecking Ball I strongly suggest you correct that situation. It’s some of the finest, loudest, messiest rock you’ll hear this year. You might have heard the term “grunge” bandied about in reference to Dead Confederate, but there’s a lot more to them than that.

For those of you here in Richmond, what better way to celebrate Dead Confederate Day than to head over to the Canal Club, where the band will be gracing the stage this very evening. I’ve been looking forward to this show since, well, the first time I heard about it. I have no doubt it’ll be one for the ages.

Here’s a glimpse at the band’s new clip for “Start Me Laughing”. Shockingly, it kicks all sorts of ass.


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