The Untitled Interview #11: Starring Hardy Morris (Dead Confederate)

This might be the first time Dead Confederate is making an appearance on LET, but I can guarantee you it won't be the last. Ever since first hearing the stunning, swirling nouveau psychrock drenched with backwoods moonshine of the Athens droners on WOXY many weeks ago, I've been pretty severely into them. The band is currently working hard and spreading their good word across the land, and will hold court (somewhat) locally in Baltimore on the 13th, with a Richmond date soon to follow. I strongly suggest if you're anywhere near one of their shows you go see what all the hullabaloo is about, because Dead Confederate is thisclose to blowing up something huge.

For your reading pleasure, I present to you the results of the when Megan sent mouthpiece Hardy Morris some questions. True, he cheated on the Beatles/Stones question, but our shared love of Radiohead means I can overlook it. You can also take a peek at Dead Confederate tearing it up something fierce live, with "The Rat," as a means to further whet your appetite.

Les Enfants Terribles: How the hell are you?
Hardy Morris: I am just fine.

LET: What was the last song you listened to?
HM: “Coast to Coast” by Elliott Smith.

LET: Playing music is ___
HM: The only thing I'm decent at.

LET: What album most made you realize that you wanted to make music?
HM: Harvest by Neil Young.

LET: Beatles or Stones?
HM: Neil Young.

LET: What're your top 5 albums?
HM: These were the most influential....
Harvest (Neil Young)
Dirty (Sonic Youth)
On the Beach (Neil Young)
OK Computer (Radiohead)
Bleach (Nirvana)

LET: Favorite music-related movie?
HM: "Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii".

LET: What city or venue would you like to play, but haven't yet been to?
HM: Amsterdam dude.

LET: Half-full or half-empty?
HM: Whichever.

LET: Apart from your band, which of your peers do you think is making the best music these days?
HM: I couldn't call them my peers, but Radiohead is obviously heads, shoulders, and miles ahead of the curve (that they already created!). It's very inspiring and humbling at the same time. Perfect.

LET: What's the first thing you think when you wake up in the morning?
HM: "Need water!"

LET: The greatest record store in the world is:
HM: Wuxtry in Athens, GA man!!

LET: What's the longest flight you've ever been on, and where were you going?
HM: Flight to Seattle I guess.

LET: Favorite Dead Confederate?
HM: Never thought about it.

LET: Shaken or stirred?
HM: Whatever's quicker.

LET: If Dead Confederate was a drink, what would be in it?
HM: Bourbon and blood.

LET: If you weren't in a band, you'd be:
HM: Helping good bands and throwing shows.

LET: A tire blows on your van. Who's changing it, and how do you come to this decision?
HM: Whoever is awake and sober. Because they are awake and sober.

LET: Which feels better: leaving to go on tour, or coming home from a tour?
HM: Leaving for sure.

LET: Best song ever written?
HM: “Flesh Colored Canvas” (Dead Confederate).

[Photo by Skylar Reeves, via DC's Myspace]


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