Video Vixens: She & Him

Adorable. Morbid. Morbidly adorable? Adorably morbid? As polar as the two might be, both aptly describe what you're about to see. But whatever this video is, it is pretty fantastic.

I chose this clip not only because of how taken with She & Him I have become thanks to their set at the Virgin Mobile Festival this past weekend, but also just because it's so freaking cute. However it's possible for decapitation and axes in one's back to be cute, that is. Don't worry, the Snow White-esque birds and super precious cartoon ghosts (not to mention animated blood) take the edge off all the silly violence.

And as for the song itself, well, "Why Do You Let Me Stay Here" is a sharply saccharine piece of pop, spun around so that, like its promo clip, it's not nearly as sweet and innocent as you might think.

One can only imagine the kick Zooey Deschanel got out of getting to portray the various ladies in the video, from a cowgirl shot through the heart to the white boot-wearing bride. I'm not sure how I feel about the vultures, though, but the rest of the video is a delight.


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