July 2: Black Angels Day

In honor of the recent release of their killer sophomore album and their show tonight at the Rock'n'Roll Hotel, we at Les Enfants Terribles hereby declare today, July 2nd, to be Black Angels Day. It might not yet be a nationally-recognized holiday, but we feel this band is much deserving of their own day. So mark it on your calendars, put on one (or both) of their albums, and raise a glass to Stephanie, Christian, Kyle, Alex, and Nate, otherwise known as one of the finest darned rock bands out there today, won't you?

And if you're in the DC Metro area (or just driving up from Richmond, like our own Megan is), make sure to stop by the Hotel to catch the Black Angels and similarly-minded psych-rockers the Warlocks for a double bill of mind-blowing.


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