Introducing: Band Bloggers

It's not just us music nerds who sit down and spend some quality time with our laptops, you know. When they're not being prolific in the studio or spreading their gospel out on the road, some bands take to their computers. They write about the darndest things, anything from bands they love to recapping their latest gig to their bowel movements.

And so, we decided to show some support for our fellow bloggers and post links to their blogs. The list is on the small side at the moment, but it'll be updated whenever we find more band scribes. Please feel free to let us know of any wacky, interesting, kooky band blog we might have missed, and we'll add it right away. On our list you'll find relatively new blogs (Die!Die!Die!, for instance), and longer-running blogs (such as the infamous Deerhunter blog).

Eyes might be the window to the soul, but blogs can provide insights, too.

[photo by Megan Petty]


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