Meet Jimmy the Fingers

Crass lyrics. Big beats. Cheeky humor. What do these things have in common? Brighton's Jimmy the Fingers, that's what.

Mr. Fingers found me on Myspace recently, and I was instantly in smit. He's a one-man assault on the senses, mixing big, beaty samples with funny lyrics about cash machines and qualities he likes in the ladies. He does what he does very well, and definitely has a pervasive (and perverted) feeling of fun in his songs. Here's what Jimmy himself has to say about, well, himself:

"God damn it who is that guy? Jimmy what? Fingers? What's that all about, he likes fingering does he what kind of pervert is that guy? What? a collection of atoms? what the fuck are you talking about fella? he's just one guy... getting fatter and skinnier, happier and sadder by the day...he's not "a collection"... he's like a melon sort of shaped head, well ok then a hairy melon, with a moustache. you know? a must-ash?"

"Fk You" is probably my favorite of the songs he's got posted on Myspace, a downtempo ode to getting it on. And really, you've gotta admire a guy who just puts it out there, with "I just really wanna fuck you" being the refrain in this little party anthem. His cover of "Mrs. Robinson" is also a treat, and I love the way he flipped the script and slowed it down. It's a great interpretation.

Do I state the obvious, here? It's a party in Jimmy the Fingers' pants, and ladies, we're invited. Or maybe he looks at it more as there being a party the pants of others, and Jimmy wants in. Either way, give the gentleman a listen.

[Photo by Ali Tollervay]


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