A Friend in Need

You might remember a little while back when LET posted about Billy from Pela sustaining some serious injuries to his hand at a gig in Chicago. The short version can be summed up in the following equation: hand + broken bottle = sliced tendons. Well, as you know, medical bills ain't cheap. If you're feeling some love in your heart and have a little greenery to spare, may I bring your attention to the following:

"Many people now know about Billy cutting tendons in his hand while at a show last month in Chicago. All of you will be happy to hear that Billy is on the path to recovery and he has begun physical therapy that will continue for the next 6 weeks.

Now that the dust has settled it brings to light the reality of medical and life expenses. It also outlines the healthcare system and how unforgiving it is.

Billy's had help from a great organization called MusiCares. While MusicCares are helping where they can, there is a growing amount of bills that cannot be covered. And the fact that only one arm is fully functioning means that Billy has no way to go to work and pay any of these bills that are adding up to thousands and thousands of dollars.

So we've decided to set up a PayPal account for donations.

For everyone wondering how they can help, this is the best way we've figured out to make that happen. Thanks again to everyone that has been supportive during this time period.



You can get your donation on here. And if you're in the D.C. metro area, check out Pela's triumphant return to D.C. on May 19th, at the Rock'n'Roll Hotel. I'll see you there.


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