Singles Club: Dirty on Purpose

Let me tell you something. When Dirty on Purpose says “jump,” I say “how high?” When they say “download our new song,” I say, “absolutely.” I won’t linger too much on introductory gushing, but I’ll just say that I am in serious smit with DOP. Their tendency to create glorious, new gaze walls of sound makes me swoon. They’re just kinda all sorts of ridiculously, deliriously wonderful.

“Hard To Tell You” sees the Brooklyners widening their collective net, and reaching back to the sunny 60s for inspiration (as opposed to the Sheilds-ian overtones you’ll find on a lot of their other songs). Don’t get my wrong, the fuzz and effects pedals are by no means abandoned, but there is some slight letting up on the pedals. And as with many songs of the 60s (and, well, any other decade), the content is a lot less sunny than the bounce of the instrumentation.

I highly recommend you head over to RCRD LBL for your free (yes, free) download. And while you’re surfing the web, you might also want to stop and pick up previous Dirty on Purpose stuff. Thank me later.


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