Live Review: Die! Die! Die! @ DC9, March 25

If you’ve been paying attention, you already know that Die! Die! Die! is one of my current pet bands. It is bearing this in mind that for my review of their gig at DC9, I’m going to refrain from saying too much and just post a bunch of pictures that I took from smack dab in front. As with every other D! D! D! show I’ve seen, there was much writhing around (courtesy Andrew), much jumping (courtesy Lachlan’s bunny-esque hops), and much deafening (courtesy all three boys), despite my use of earplugs. Also included in the fun was Lachlan’s invitation to invade the stage, which he was eventually taken up on. I’d like to go ahead and state that I consider this band’s shows not-to-be-missed affairs, and encourage you to go see them whenever possible. Even if it requires several hours of driving and multiple cans of Red Bull to get you there and back. And yes, I do in fact speak from personal experience.

A photo of the set list is below, but it served more as a recommendation than anything else. It was amended, shall we say, as the show went on, most notably with an actual encore (despite protestations from Andrew), featuring the excellent older song “Ashtray! Ashtray!”. And as an added bonus, three tracks are down below, an old version of "Blue Skies" and the aforementioned "Ashtray! Ashtray!", along with the excellent "Britomart Sunset" from new release Promises, Promises.


  1. Although I didn't have to travel nearly as far, I took this advice and saw D!D!D! last night in Philadelphia, the night after the show reviewed here.

    I was impressed. A rare band can harness so much noise into something so enjoyably listen-able. I mean, that is supposed to be the point, right? "Out Of The Blue" might have been my favorite. That one, or the one where the guitar spends most of the song feeding back..."Britomart" maybe?

    It has also been a long time since I've seen anyone come off stage without irony and bring the performance to the audience so directly. In-your-face, indeed.

    Andrew cut the set a bit short, claiming "I'm too hungover from the DC show" (gee, thanks Megan) However, Lachlan told me later that although they were up until 10am, the set is usually about that long.

    I felt bad for them that I was one of only 5 people in attendance, and that the opening band had the gall to say "Flight Of The Conchords is up next," but I'm sure they shrugged it off, being the friendly types. It seemed to me that they stayed pro and gave us their all, regardless.

    Thanks again, L.E.T. for the "demand" to catch this band. I was not disappointed.


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