Singles Club: Cazals

Felipe Cazals is a Mexican director, screenwriter, and producer. Cazals, the five-piece tropical/black metal/Italian pop artists (don't look at me, it's on their Myspace page), may or may not have named themselves in his honor.

In any event, Cazals are a (primarily) London band with a rather interesting sound aesthetic. In latest single "To Cut a Long Story Short" you'll hear the taut, tight drumming that has been a hallmark of many British bands over the past few years (think the Libertines and the Rakes, to name a couple). But you'll also find a bassline that is less pop and more rawk, as well as Phil's vocals, which are somewhat tenderly treading metal and sound a little unexpected given the rest of the ingredients. Don't ask me how, but Cazals take their disparate parts and make them work. The choppy, more traditionally Brit elements that you might expect from a hip assemblage of London boys work nicely with the heavy, startling bits more akin to harder rock bands to create a rather fine little single. "To Cut a Long Story Short" will appease both your need for a short, sweet Britpop fix with the need to rock out with your cock out. And really, how can you not love a song with the lyric, "To cut a long story short/ I lost my mind"?


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