Video Vixens: Calvin Harris - The Girls

We here as Les Enfants Terribles are old enough to remember the days when reality tv didn't exist, and MTV thereby had no choice but to actually show music videos. I don't know about you, but I kinda miss those days. It used to be so nice, popping on the tv after school and watching hours of nothing but music videos. I won't launch into a diatribe about the importance of making videos, but I will say that we know they're out there. And so, I'd like to present to you the first in a new series celebrating those brave artists still making music videos: Video Vixens.

Our lead-off vixen is the adorable Calvin Harris and his video for "The Girls." I only recently became acquainted with Calvin courtesy of my roommate, who downloaded his album I Created Disco on a whim. "The Girls" is on said album, and is quite possibly the most ridiculously entertaining, catchiest, most fun song I've heard in at least a year. It combines unbearable bravado with impossible beats that render you powerless against the need to shake your tail feathers until you can shake no more. It's hypnotic. The video itself features Calvin, a bevy of dancing ladies, and a wig selection colorful enough to rival that of Jennifer Garner's Alias character, "Sydney." And don't you just want to pinch Calvin's cheeks when he stands there, pouting at the camera and doing his little white boy lean? Ok, maybe that's just me.


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