Singles Club: Corto Maltese

Sometimes it's good to listen to that little voice in your head. Example: I had been aimlessly shuffling around my iPod, not really feeling like listening to anything, when a little voice came to me and whispered two little words; "Corto Maltese." And damned if that little voice wasn't a genius.

There are many ways to win my heart; among them flowers, mix cds, and breakfast in bed. If you're a band, it can be a little harder to secure my affections. However, it took Austin's Corto Maltese approximately two seconds into the first song of their three-song demo. Why am I in such deep smit with this Texan fivesome, you might wonder? "Man Alive" features a "Sound and Vision" era Bowie vocal thing, along with the ever-present (and oft-commented on) Arcade Fire-alikeness that pervades the Corto Maltese sound. "Never a Waver" is full of all things loud and wonderful, and at times reminds me the Pixies' "No. 13 Baby" (seriously, listen to both of them and you'll hear what I mean). "Providence" might be my favorite, but it's a tough call. It sounds like summer, shimmery and exciting.

Corto Maltese makes the kind of music you can't help falling in love with. It's intoxicating, sophisticated, and hot damn is it ever catchy. If these are demos, I can only imagine how unbearably good an LP is going to be.


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