Singles Club: Army Navy

There are times when I listen to a song with absolutely no expectations, preconceived notions, or any other sort of predetermined bias. More often than not, I’ll be indifferent about the song. But sometimes, on rare instances, this track un-sullied with surmises will stop me dead in my tracks and make me immediately hit “repeat.” Again and again and again…

Ladies and gents, I present to you such a song. Take a gander at “Saints,” the latest single by Left Coast rising stars Army Navy.

Jaunty and playful, "Saints” sounds like the best of Teenage Fanclub filtered through the glorious sunrays of a Southern California summer afternoon, replete with the appropriate amounts of jangling guitars and cheeky lyrics (“believe me when I call and I say/the next girl that I love won’t be a saint/now go away”) masked by sunny vocals. It’s an early 1990s Britpop beach party, and who doesn’t love that? Army Navy does, and so do I.

You can proceed immediately here to purchase the Saints EP. Run, don’t walk.


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